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How Laparo Training Center is changing the game of laparoscopic training
Embark on an inspiring journey with the Laparo Training Center (LTC), where we go beyond just assisting students. Alongside empowering aspiring surgeons and medical students, we actively study and enhance our cutting-edge equipment, application, and educational approach. LTC becomes a hub for innovation as we continually push the boundaries of laparoscopic training. Join us on this transformative adventure, where together, we elevate the future of medical education and redefine the possibilities of laparoscopy.

Welcome to the Laparo Training Center, a groundbreaking initiative that emerged with a clear purpose: to revolutionize medical education and elevate laparoscopic training to unprecedented heights. We are devoted to providing a dedicated space for medical students and future surgeons to practice laparoscopy.




It all started with the doctors and residents at the University Hospital Clinic in Wroclaw, where the first validations of Apex PRO took place. There, we had the privilege of connecting with physicians, residents, and aspiring medical students, sparking the genesis of our Laparo Training Center project. Our primary objectives include thorough examinations of the value Laparo Training Center brings to participants and the significant transformations it can instigate.

Why do we do this?


We thoroughly study how well our training program works, looking closely at how it fits together, the clear advantages it offers participants, and its overall importance. Additionally, we rigorously scrutinize the hardware and application to ensure an intuitive and reliable platform with a seamless user experience (UX). For students themselves, Laparo Training Center offers an unparalleled opportunity: unlimited access to laparoscopic simulations, free from external pressures or constraints. Whether practicing individually or in groups, Laparo Training Center enables skill-building at one’s own pace, strengthening confidence, and expertise.


Step into Laparo Training Center, where the future of medical training takes shape. 


Our Trainees


Let us introduce the remarkable trainees of Laparo Training Center! With a mix of aspiring surgeons and curious learners, each participant comes with unique motivations and goals. Let’s dive into their stories and discover their enthusiasm for mastering laparoscopic skills at LTC.

Our trainees come from diverse backgrounds with varying motivations and goals. We can categorize them into the following groups:

  • Ambitious Surgical Enthusiasts: These individuals have a clear goal – to become proficient surgeons.
  • Explorers of Pathways: Some trainees are still exploring their career paths, so they come to LTC to test their interests.
  • Skill-Seekers: Not all trainees plan a surgical career, but they see the importance of gaining laparoscopic skills for their medical knowledge and overall competence.

Currently, we have over 60 users actively engaged in our training programs, with a predominant presence of medical students. What pleasantly surprised us was the remarkable diversity among our trainees, each bringing unique perspectives and aspirations. While some are set on pursuing a surgical path, others are still exploring various career avenues. Nonetheless, every single trainee holds immense value for us. We are delighted by the unexpected richness of backgrounds and motivations that have enriched our Laparo Training Center community.


The first steps of Laparo Training Center

The idea of the Laparo Training Center


Laparo Training Center (LTC) originated during our time at the Clinical Hospital in Wrocław. It was during the initial validations of the Apex PRO that we had the pleasure of meeting dedicated physicians, residents, and students. When we presented the idea of LTC to the aspiring doctors, their response was overwhelmingly positive, sparking enthusiasm that quickly spread among their peers and beyond, leading us to welcome 40 users who now regularly visit our center.



Our journey with Laparo Training Center began in a modest setting, housing just one simulator, which gradually expanded to accommodate two, and now, in our new location, we proudly offer six advanced simulators, including the newly introduced Apex PRO. This cutting-edge model recently made its grand debut, providing trainees with an enhanced training experience.

When it comes to registration, we have developed a seamless process that allows users to effortlessly book their training sessions. Utilizing a specially designed calendar, trainees can reserve the simulator for their desired time slots up to two weeks in advance. 

Training standard


At Laparo Training Center we believe in empowering our trainees, granting them the freedom to structure their practice sessions as they see it. Our approach encourages independent training, allowing students to focus intently on honing their skills while being assured that our team is always on hand to assist whenever needed. In addition, they can relish in the cozy environment we’ve created, where they can enjoy amenities such as a coffee machine and kitchenette – making the LTC experience truly feel like a home away from home.

Laparo Training Center

This is what the Laparo Training Center looks like now

The main motivation for learning


Before embarking on their training journey, we sought to understand our trainees‘ aspirations and motivations. Through a survey, we asked them about the reasons for choosing Laparo Training Center. Based on their valuable responses, we have identified the key motivations that drive our trainees to join LTC. Let’s delve into these inspiring insights and discover what makes Laparo Training Center a unique and valuable experience for them.

  • Improving Manual Skills: They come to LTC to enhance their manual dexterity, vital for their medical practice. Hands-on training with advanced simulators boosts their confidence in performing delicate movements required in laparoscopic procedures.
  • Contributing to Simulator Development: Trainees show interest in improving our simulators. They offer feedback to refine training modules and software, empowering them to shape the future of medical education.
  • Mastering the Entire Procedure: Aspiring surgeons aim to learn and perform the entire laparoscopic procedure at LTC. This comprehensive training hones their skills and fosters a deeper understanding of surgery and teamwork.
  • Boosting Confidence: Participation in LTC’s training boosts their confidence, empowering them to embrace challenges and advocate for patients.

From Pre-Training Surveys to Post-Training Insights: Perspectives of LTC Trainees


Pre-Training Survey: Understanding Their Goals


Before each training session, we provide our trainees with a pre-training survey. It helps us understand their motivations for training, as well as their availability on specific days and times. That enables us to accommodate their schedules and ensure a seamless learning experience.

Reactions of Participants to the Training – Emotions and Impressions


The training sessions at LTC elicit a wide range of emotional responses and leave lasting impressions on our trainees. As they embark on their laparoscopic journey, their candid feedback sheds light on the impact of these expe

riences. One trainee, who initially approached LTC without plans of becoming a surgeon, discovered unexpected benefits beyond the operating room. „I don’t necessarily aim to be a surgeon, but the skills I acquire here are valuable beyond the surgical field. It’s not just about surgery; it’s about improving focus and patience. I find myself becoming more at ease and taking a lighter approach to challenges,“ she reflects.

Throughout the sessions, a friendly and supportive atmosphere prevails, akin to a gathering of close friends. Trainees offer each other advice, share light-hearted banter, and extend helping hands during the exercises.

Some participants already know each other well, their camaraderie evident in the laughter and conversations that fill the room. However, even those who come alone find focus and immerse themselves in the exercises, spurred on by the opportunity to improve their skills.






Undoubtedly, the training process brings moments of triumph and occasional frustration. One trainee explains, „At first, I found the exercises challenging, but as time went on, I felt more at ease and proficient in my movements.“ Indeed, LTC serves as a platform for self-improvement, cultivating not only surgical aptitude but also building self-assurance.

A vital aspect of LTC’s training approach is to encourage trainees to leave their comfort zones. One participant highlights the difficulty of controlling her impulses during the exercises. She acknowledges that she tends to rush and make hasty movements, but LTC’s focus on slowing down and mastering precision pushes her to grow and learn. It is this constructive challenge that spurs trainees to unlock their potential and achieve greater proficiency.


Beyond the technical aspects, trainees also value the relaxed atmosphere and the chance to interact freely with fellow participants. They cherish the camaraderie and the opportunity to use the LTC space as a hub for learning and relaxation. The trainees‘ enthusiasm is palpable as one of them declares: “LTC has been the best educational experience in my life. “






The feelings accompanying each exercise can be written down here

Post-training survey


The post-training survey at LTC plays a crucial role in gathering valuable feedback from our trainees. Their candid responses offer valuable insights into their emotional and experiential journey during the training sessions. Trainees often express their excitement and enthusiasm, with some even expressing a desire to stay longer at the center due to the enjoyable experience. The survey provides a platform for them to share their feelings of accomplishment, growth, and increased confidence in their laparoscopic skills.

Additionally, beyond the post-training surveys, our engagement extends to qualitative research involving individual interviews, in-depth discussions, and observations. These insights are meticulously recorded and analyzed, providing us with valuable knowledge about the medical environment and enabling potential enhancements to our application. This holistic approach ensures that we not only gather feedback through surveys but also immerse ourselves in a comprehensive exploration of trainees‘ experiences and perspectives.

Moreover, the survey serves as a testament to the positive impact of LTC on trainees‘ learning and development. They highlight the sense of community and camaraderie among participants, creating an environment where individuals support and encourage one another. The journey through the training process brings about a transformation in how they approach challenges, build patience, and develop a sense of fulfillment.








Laparo Training Center (LTC) is a dynamic hub for laparoscopic training, driven by the passion of dedicated physicians, residents, and students. With over 60 active users, LTC attracts aspiring surgeons and learners exploring medical paths. Its innovative approach allows trainees to practice at their pace, fostering confidence and expertise. The trainees‘ candid feedback reflects a supportive atmosphere, camaraderie, and transformative experiences. LTC’s pre-training and post-training surveys fuel continuous improvement, empowering trainees to shape medical education’s future. 


Moreover, the data collected from trainees‘ experiences at LTC serves as a valuable resource for us. We are diligently analyzing their training sessions to derive crucial insights regarding our hardware and application. The feedback we receive from our trainees helps us understand the effectiveness of our equipment and identify areas for improvement. While we cannot share all the findings just yet, we are thrilled to see the remarkable dedication and enthusiasm of our trainees. They break free from the stereotype that university education merely revolves around passing exams, embracing LTC as an opportunity for genuine learning and growth. The training on our simulators not only enhances their surgical skills but also nurtures self-assurance, proving the age-old adage – practice makes perfect.


Together, we are paving the way for a new era in medical training, one that empowers students and aspiring surgeons alike to excel and embrace the challenges of the medical world with confidence and skill.