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SESAM Virtual Annual Meeting 2021: Laparo Medical Simulators presentation
It was a great pleasure for us to be a sponsor of SESAM Virtual Annual Meeting 2021. Thank you all for your participation.

For those who couldn’t join us then we have a special video from our Lecture: The Future and Challenges in Pediatric and General Laparoscopic Surgery Training with Simulation Using Simulation Models for training Pediatric Surgery at Low Resource Institutions and Remote Training in the time of COVID-19. The lecture consists of two parts:
➡️ 0 – 13:38 s
Prof Dr. Dariusz Patkowski, a renowned pediatric surgeon, member of IRCAD, give some tips on how to overcome low resource institution problems. Dr. Patkowski will demonstrate as well thoracoscopic repair of esophageal atresia on a silicone module that has been created specifically for this purpose by Laparo. This incredibly difficult procedure is very rare, meaning that surgeons are often underprepared. With well-made, replaceable modules inside laparoscopic simulators, this can change and provide surgeons with the practice needed.
➡️ 13 – 39 s
Prof Dr. Ray O’Sullivan presented his way on how he has continued to teach laparoscopy skills remotely throughout the pandemic by using our portable Advance system to connect to his students and to remotely assess their progress. His work shows the possibilities for remote simulation teaching going beyond the pandemic.

💻 See our presentation here