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Development and implementation of a comprehensive laparoscopic simulator dedicated to pediatric surgery



The aim of the project is to develop innovative on a global scale,
a comprehensive laparoscopic simulator dedicated to pediatric surgeons


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Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical method with a number of advantages to the patient versus the more common, open procedure. This technique is limited to a few small (less than one centimeter) incisions through which trochars are inserted into the abdomen. This technique results in reduced pain due to smaller incisions and shorter recovery time.

The aim of the project is to develop a unique on a Global scale Simulator dedicated to training pediatric surgeons in minimally invasive surgery (MIS, laparoscopy).

Thanks to R&D research and professional experience, LAPARO has developed an innovative device for minimally invasive laparoscopic training, enabling efficient and comprehensive training.

Moreover, the new laparoscopic simulator will be dedicated to pediatric surgery, known for its exceptional difficulty due to the specificity of patients, suffering birth defects that don’t exist in adulthood and require immediate surgery in the first days of life. These are extremely difficult and often life-saving operations. Minimally invasive operations on newborns and children have a number of advantages but require exceptional manual skills that are difficult to master without proper training.

The new LAPARO’s minimally invasive surgery simulator will significantly contribute to the popularization of this method and increase the level of surgeons’ practical skills bringing confidence and efficiency during stressful life-saving operations.