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LAPARO reveals APEX – Mixed Reality Simulator for Laparoscopic Training
On June 21, 2021, a cutting-edge mixed reality simulator was revealed by LAPARO. The Apex simulator project was born to create a robust hybrid trainer for use in the most advanced medical simulation centers around the World.

Medical Education in a Pandemic-Stricken World

In many ways, the COVID-19 crisis has been a catalyst for transforming medical education sectors worldwide and tackling the issues – now COVID-exacerbated – that had been brewing for the past several years. With further restrictions on clinical learning experiences for medical students, as well as the reduced teaching capacity of residents coping with patient surges, there is an opportunity for technology to bridge the gap and deliver training with more efficiency and efficacy than traditional time-based clerkships, without compromising learning outcomes.

Laparo has just launched their very own solution in the form of their hybrid APEX simulation-based laparoscopic trainer, which incorporates principles of best-practice medical education not only for superior learning but in support of the current and evolving transformation of the medical education framework.

Hybrid simulators are highly advantageous for their dual ability to deliver core manual skills in the manner of box-trainers, as well as being able to simulate more complex scenarios through the use of cutting-edge VR technology for a much broader scope of training opportunities. The Apex was designed with operative safety as its focus; students receive comprehensive training with a real-world feel, and without exposing patients to learning curve errors.

Powerful training analysis to boost efficiency

By delivering training that is proficiency-based and time-variable – in direct opposition to traditional time-bound placements – the Apex contributes to the establishment of standardized learning outcomes, and a higher, more reliable quality of education overall.

Students receive live feedback throughout training with the Timeline feature to accurately track progress, saved and accessible through their user accounts. Innovative technology (with patent pending) accurately tracks 13 parameters via motion sensors and cameras to determine the level of competency.

Tutorials are available both for manual skill modules as well as VR scenarios to guide solo learners which, in combination with the feedback and analysis features, supports autonomous learning. Group training is also possible by configuring up to 20 trainers into a network, with a mentoring position to conduct the session. The adjustability of the monitor and unit height ensures optimal ergonomics, with drawers included for easy access and storage of modules. In short, the Apex incorporates a broad scope of learning through which students progress more or less autonomously, with apt feedback to track progress and competency. Training is less dependent on the availability of clinics and willing supervisors, without compromising standards or patient safety.

As the pandemic continues to evolve and undoubtedly will herald a new post-pandemic era, we are faced with the challenge of adapting existing technologies and structures to make digital and remote learning as viable and effective as traditional methods.

In innovating the new Apex trainer, Laparo makes great strides in supporting this transition and improving the overall quality and efficacy of laparoscopic training.


LAPARO is a European Technology Company pushing the boundaries of laparoscopy training and education. With our cutting-edge technology-based solutions, we want to enrich patient safety by improving current and future surgery education and training. Medical Simulators by LAPARO make laparoscopy training more accessible at medical simulation centers, hospitals and homes across the Globe. LAPARO is a One Stop Shop where you can find professional simulators, training instruments and wide range of training modules.

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