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Laparoscopy – 10 reasons why
The numbers usually speak for themselves. Looking at the number referring to the global market of laparoscopy devices, we come to the conclusion that this trend cannot be stopped. The market value in 2019 was estimated at USD 12 billion and is expected to grow to USD 19 billion by 2027. Why is this trend so popular? What are the main benefits both for hospitals and patients? Let’s have a look at 10 reasons why laparoscopy is worth paying more attention to.

Let’s have a look at 10 reasons why laparoscopy is worth paying more attention to.


  1. Growing demand

    Laparoscopy is being called „Surgery of the Future”. The growing interest in laparoscopy, as an alternative technic to open surgery, is caused by the demand for minimally invasive treatments and the need to put the patient in the center of care

  2. Shorter hospitalization 

    Laparoscopy means that the patient spends less time in the hospital. It is usually possible to leave the hospital even within 24h after surgery. The shorter the patient’s stay, the lower the risk of intra-hospital infection.

  3. Higher efficiency

    The sooner the patient is released, the hospital beds rotate faster and the medical staff can help more people in need. The hospital operates more effectively.

  4. Savings in the national health system

    Higher efficiency generates savings. The patient leaves the hospital, new people in need come. But the cost per patient is being decreased. It’s mainly due to the shorter stay, use of fewer materials and painkillers, and reduced workload for personnel.

  5. Faster recovery

    One of the most popular trends in medicine is putting the patient in the center of care. Laparoscopy meets this demand. Its main advantages are reduced pain, faster recovery, and return to activity, only tiny scars left after the procedure. It all affects the patient’s sense of comfort.

  6. Medical Simulation

    Limited access to live patients makes training in open surgery a big challenge. The use of laparoscopic simulation creates a safe environment for surgeons to train on medical simulators more frequently and get prepared for even the most difficult procedures. It significantly reduces the risk of medical errors and positively increases the surgeon’s confidence.

  7. Good reputation

    The possibility to use medical simulators in laparoscopic surgery increases the chances for success. It lowers the risk of lawsuits related to injury and insurance damage. Thanks to that, the hospital enjoys a good reputation…

  8. Building trust

    …and is trusted by patients. Disseminating knowledge about the effectiveness of laparoscopy will make patients more likely to decide on the procedure, so they will not postpone it forever. It will also affect the choice of future patients.

  9. Investment in recruits

    Limited access to the operating room is a huge challenge for medical students. Training on laparoscopic simulators enables the acquisition of practical skills, growth to ambitious surgeons and results in fewer problems with recruiting medical staff.

  10. COVID-19 restrictions

    The pandemic has caused confusion in the surgery schedule. Many of the planned procedures have been canceled. For operations that cannot wait, laparoscopy will be a better alternative as it places less strain on the patient.


LAPAROSCOPY: what are the benefits?
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