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Medica 2020
Just like any other company medical technology we could not imagine this year without participation in the great International Trade Fair & Congress for Medicine MEDICA2020 in Düsseldorf. The event attracts the world’s best medical companies from around the world and it is always a very special opportunity to be seen and to be heard.

So, as every year we made our reservations and travel arrangements, and we prepared to put on a show! This was not to be however as for obvious reasons the entire show was moved and translated into an online-only format.

Laparo Medical Simulators are not easy to present remotely. Without the ability to touch and practice with them it can be difficult to get an understanding of why they are so valuable. Nevertheless we took this difficulty as an opportunity. We produced some new high-quality videos to attract and retain attention. These videos told viewers the details of how our products work and how they are put together. You can now easily find these on our YouTube page here.

We also prepared a live-streaming set-up to be able to show attendees directly how our devices work. Using the matchmaking system we found potential business collaborators and we made a number of exciting product presentations. We’re hoping these relationships will flourish in 2021.

Medica did not turn out to be as big online as it is in reality and yet we found some exciting new opportunities for new partnerships. It was a great experiment. But we do hope to see you in person next year, in 2021 in Düsseldorf!

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