Laparoscopic Trainer Aspire ver. E-BLUS Compatible
Laparoscopic Trainer Aspire ver. E-BLUS Compatible

Laparo Aspire is a laparoscopic trainer designed especially for INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS (students of medicine, residents, and surgeons) who want to continually improve their skills and stay in shape between surgeries. Laparo Aspire is a laparoscopic trainer with unique characteristics, ergonomics, and software in its price range. To start training, simply install the included software on your own computer, connect the trainer, and start using it.

Device dimensions 37x36x19cm // 14.6″x14.2″x7.5″

Package dimensions 41x41x22 cm // 16.15″x16.15″x8.75″

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The Aspire E-BLUS Set is the perfect solution for students and doctors preparing for the E-BLUS exam. It contains all the tools and training modules necessary to master the skills tested in the exam. The exam consists of five tasks, where two-handed dexterity, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, suturing technique, and cutting skills are assessed.
The ASPIRE is light and easy to carry. You will be able to take it anywhere you like - a trip, your school, to workshops, even to the park. Simply connect it to your computer or laptop and train! The device features LEDs, a 720p 0° camera,
eight trocar positions, all contained in a sleek and beautiful case. It’s easier than you think! The trainer works straight out of the box - simply take it out, install the application on your computer and you’re ready to go!
Training modules in set:
The Cutting Circles training module features 5 pads with a printed circular pattern. The precise cutting technique is practiced with these replaceable pads which are intended to be clipped onto the Universal Holder training module. The trainee must cut the pad within specifications. The participant has 300 seconds to cut one circle during the E-BLUS exam.
The FLS compatible Penrose Drain module is designed to satisfy the needs of the North American FLS testing standard. The original Penrose Drain FLS module was designed to help students demonstrate their skills in suturing intracorporeal and extracorporeal knots. In this module, the principle remains similar although the module features a more realistic silicone skin insert for improved fidelity. The exercise aims to place a seam in the place marked with dots. If seams are made outside of the trainer, knots need to be tied first and then tighten the wick with the knot pusher. When sewing inside the trainer, the knot should be made with the use of appropriate laparoscopic tools (needle holder and dissector are recommended). After making the seam, the gap should be closed properly, the knot should not untie. A 1 mm error in placing the seam is allowed relative to the marking.
The FLS compatible Peg Transfer Module is our answer to the needs of those seeking to prepare specifically for the FLS and E-BLUS exams. It helps to develop the skills of grasping and moving tools in both hands with the same precision. Thanks to good coordination and training the muscle memory, we avoid damage in the human body when the needle holder disappears with the needle from our sight.
E-BLUS Compatible Module - Needle Guidance - a training module used in urology - guiding the needle and thread through 10 metal rings is one of the exam tasks. The needle must be guided on the indicated path in the designated order and direction which is marked on the plate. The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate and learn the same precision in both hands. Additionally, the module allows learning how to maneuver the needle in a tight space and under a variety of angles.
  • 8 precisely designed 5mm instrument access points
  • 720p plug-and-play USB cable camera 0°
  • LAPARO Software: recording, timing, and sharing training sessions
  • Adjustable camera holder allowing unassisted training
  • LED lighting
  • Replaceable training modules with built-in magnets
LAPARO ASPIRE - simple training of complex laparoscopy skills! The inverted fulcrum lend, the lack of depth perception, and a limited line of sight along with the loss of control with the instruments all make laparoscopy difficult to master. The only path to achieving perfection is through systematic training. The ASPIRE trainer was designed in close collaboration with experienced surgeons. The device enables the development of minimally invasive surgery skills for students and residents, as well as experienced doctors.

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