– Circle Cutting Pads (5 Pads)

5 pads with an imprinted circular pattern.

Precise cutting technique can be practiced with these replaceable pads which are intended to be clipped onto our Universal Holder training module. The trainee must cut the pad within specifications.

The module prepares for one of the tasks in the FLS and E-BLUS exam standards. During the FLS exam, the participant has 300 seconds to cut 3 circles. And 300 seconds to cut one circle during the E-BLUS exam.

The pad is compatible with the Advance and Analytic trainers. The universal holder is not included in the set.

Shipment: Worldwide

Made in EU

We ship our products within 24h globally.

Delivery time depends on shipping company (DPD, TNT, UPS) and destination country.

Payment methods:

4,90 gross
4,90 net
4,90 net

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