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Dexterity – Training Module
Laparoscopic Training Module

5 tasks in 1 module.The Dexterity Module is changing the approach to practical laparoscopy training. It is made up of a base with attachment magnets and elements made out of ABS. The set includes silicone balls, cones, and a lid that can be attached for some exercises.

The Module was designed to teach basic skills such as handling and manipulating with instruments, skills which are crucial in developing the basic ability to perform more advanced exercises and procedures. The Dexterity Module allows performing many different exercises, including moving balls, cones, pronation, and direction.

Type of exercise:
– instrument control (together and separately)
– precision and a depth perception
– dexterity in transferring small and light elements between instruments

Recommended instruments:
– grasper
– dissector

Dimensions: 3 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight: 0,1 kg

Warranty: 24 months

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