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E-BLUS Compatible Set


The Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills (E-BLUS) is a standardized examination standard carried out in the training program of the European Association of Urology.

The purpose is to verify and confirm the cognitive, technical, and eye-hand coordination skills and laparoscopic knowledge.

The E-BLUS is the result of a joint effort of the European Association of Uro-Technology (ESUT) and the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. It is often mandatory in many EU countries and ensures competence allowing subsequent participation in laparoscopic procedures.

Training module E-BLUS Set contains:

  • 3 Training Modules

– E-BLUS Compatible Module 1 – Needle Guidance

– E-BLUS Compatible Module 2 – Tying Knots

– E-BLUS Compatible Module 3 – peg transfer

  • Universal Holder
  • 5x replaceable pad – circle cutting
  • 2x additional E-BLUS Compatible 2 modules
  • 2x surgical suture

Warranty: 2 years

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All materials for studying for the exam are available online at uroweb.org. The learner prepares with a theoretical course covering all the necessary knowledge and information, this is then followed with practical testing. The practical curriculum begins at basic skills and simple maneuvers and is followed by complex tasks involving challenging steps full of procedures and ends with complete simulated surgeries.
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E-BLUS Compatible Module 1 - Needle Guidance A training module used in urology - guiding the needle and thread through 10 metal rings is one of the exam tasks. The needle must be guided on the indicated path in the designated order and direction which is marked on the plate. The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate and learn the same exact precision in both hands. Additionally, the module allows learning how to maneuver the needle in a tight space and under a variety of angles.
E-BLUS Compatible Module 2 - Tying Knots The module is made out of a durable and soft material which imitates organic tissue. It permits learning to suture precisely with knot tying ability both intra and extra-corporeally. When suturing intra-corporeally on the other hand the knot can be made with the appropriate laparoscopy instruments (we recommend the needle-holder and dissector). After applying the suture the simulated wound should be closed and the knot should not be possible to untie.
E-BLUS Compatible Module 3 - peg transfer The module teaches the use of instruments in both hands with the same precision. The focus of the task is the movement of all the plastic elements between pegs. When lifting an element with one instrument it should be transferred to be held by the other before being placed on another, different peg. The transferred elements cannot leave the field of vision or be dropped.
The E-BLUS exam is made up of five tasks which evaluate bi-manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, spatial perception and skills in intraoperative suturing, clipping and cutting.
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