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Laparoscopic Trainer Aspire ver. Standard
Laparoscopic Trainer Aspire ver. Standard
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Laparo Aspire is a laparoscopic trainer designed especially for INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS (students of medicine, residents, and surgeons) who want to continually improve their skills and stay in shape between surgeries.  Each set includes the Laparo Academy – a comprehensive Training Program of exercises which guide a trainee through development of all the manual skills necessary to develop technique with laparoscopic instruments.  With this set you will complete your “Basic Skills” + Suturing course. 

This set contains elements essential for laparoscopic training, including:

  • LAPARO Aspire – Trainer with the built-in HD 0° camera and LED lighting
  • 4 training-purpose laparoscopic instruments
    – dissector
    – grasper
    – scissors
    – needle holder
  • 4 training modules = 37 unique exercises!
    – training module – Dexterity
    – training module – Tension
    – training module – Suturing
    – universal holder
  • 24 x Suturing kits – needle and thread
  • FREE access to LAPARO Academy – our online platform with unique tasks and tutorials!
  • User manual

Laparo Two (2) Year Warrant

To level up your training, go to Aspire Master






Device dimensions 37x36x19cm // 14.6″x14.2″x7.5″

Package dimensions 41x41x22 cm // 16.15″x16.15″x8.75″

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Laparo Academy - a unique online platform for laparoscopic training

After purchasing the trainer, you will receive access to the Laparo Academy online platform. Connect the trainer to a computer with internet access and start training with the innovative, unique learning program.
Many hours of tutorials and hands-on learning, along with a rich educational section, are at your fingertips!

Find out more about the Laparo Training Program here.

The lowest price (22 December 2023): 2 860
37 unique tasks!
Basic Skills - situated on two modules, this course walks the trainee through 14 different exercises which are focused on developing entry-level instrument handling skills. These skills go along with educational segments which explain the core concepts useful for accelerating the development of Laparoscopic skill. After this course the trainee will be ready to learn suturing. Basic Suturing Skills - this course takes place entirely on the Suturing Module. It splits up suturing skill into easier to learn sub-skills. By first training to rotate and handle needles and then to tangle and untangle the pieces of rope, the program gradually takes trainees step-by-step before finally introducing more complex techniques for creating intracorporeal knots. At the end of this course the trainee will have acquired a basic understanding of laparoscopic suturing techniques.
The ASPIRE is light and easy to carry. You will be able to take it anywhere you like - a trip, your school, to workshops, even to the park. Simply connect it to your computer or laptop and train! The device features LEDs, a 720p 0° camera, eight trocar positions,
all contained in a sleek and beautiful case. It’s easier than you think! The trainer works straight out of the box - simply take it out, log in to Laparo Academy and you’re ready to go!
Tension Module - 9 tasks This module allows exercises that focus on teaching how to manipulate elastic components inside the operating area. All of these exercises were designed with an emphasis on elasticity, to give the trainee the ability to understand various types of tension that can be encountered with laparoscopic instruments. What is practiced – a sense of flexibility – tool control – moving objects from hand to hand – spatial perception – string manipulation – precision in guiding the tools
Module Dexterity - 5 tasks. The Module was designed to teach basic skills such as handling and manipulating with instruments, skills which are crucial in developing the basic ability to perform more advanced exercises and procedures. The Dexterity Module allows performing many different exercises, including moving balls, cones, pronation, and direction. Type of exercise: – instrument control (together and separately) – precision and a depth perception – dexterity in transferring small and light elements between instruments
Suturing Module - 23 task. The Suturing training module allows training suturing at many different levels of difficulty. 23 different suturing exercises can be performed on this module ranging from introductory scenarios all the way up to the most difficult anastomosis maneuvers. Inserts and attachments also give infinitely more possibilities for practicing with suturing skill.
Universal Holder - has been designed for training on non-standard materials. It is made up of a base, low walls, and four adjustable and durable rubber bands with clips. Thanks to the elasticity of the bands, it is possible to successfully perform work training on tight tissues.
  • 8 precisely designed 5mm instrument access points
  • Adjustable camera holder allowing unassisted training
  • 720p plug-and-play USB cable camera 0°
  • LED lighting
  • The unique online platform LAPARO ACADEMY - allowing you to record and save your training sessions
  • Replaceable training modules with built-in magnets
Our consistently growing and evolving selection of training modules will let you make a selection appropriately suited to your needs and skill level. For the first time we have a comprehensive training programme that has been developed in collaboration with practicing surgeons. Detailed video recordings and descriptions walk trainees through and explain how to best use these modules step-by-step.

What do our customers think about Aspire?

A** W**

Professional simulator, great service, very fast shipping.

I am very pleased and can recommend Laparo to all people who want to develop their skills in endoscopy.


A*** E***

Great simulators for laparoscopy training.

I’m very satisfied with my purchase and always recommend Laparo to my colleagues surgeons.

The ordering process was easy and fast. So as the delivery. Thank you!

A*** E***

I looked at Laparo Academy and….. It’s just amazing!!!

I read all written instructions at “Basic Skills” and I liked both text and figures.

I already completed this part almost 2 months ago and based on my recent experience, I think these tasks and instructions are pretty good.

M*** B***
Really good quality and I am very thankful thankful that I found them!
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