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Replaceable Pads for Suturing – Training Module
Laparoscopic Training Modules
Suturing Training Module - replaceable set of pads

Set of replaceable elements for theSuturing training module:
– single seam training silicone – 3 pcs.
– continuous seam training silicone – 1 pc.
– silicone for suturing training under tension – 2 pcs.
– anastomosis training drain – 8 pcs.

The Suturing training module includes 12 tasks in 1 module! The module allows for laparoscopic suturing training at many different levels of difficulty. The set includes 23 elements including additional silicone components – covers, tubes for anastomosis and suturing kits – needles and sutures (12 pcs.).
To conduct the training additional holder is needed (not included).

Suturing training on this module can be divided into three parts:
1) Suturing Introduction
– twine/thread manipulation – preparation for suturing
– instrument manipulation
– needle positioning
– learning to grasp the needle and rotate it through the holes – learning the proper movement of the wrist
– learning how to tie a knot – step by step correct tying the knot used during different procedures
2) Basic suturing
– learning different types of knots and seams
– continuous suturing
3) Advanced suturing
– drain – various types of anastomosis (end-to-end, side-to-side, end-to-side)
– suturing in a limited field of vision
– suturing tissues under tension

Recommended instruments:
– dissector
– needle holder

Warranty: 24 months

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