Clip Application Module

Applying clips is one of the most important laparoscopy skills, which is why it is worth training systematically. The module features custom designed and produced artificial blood vessels which are suspended between supports. This allows simulating the clipping of these vessels and then cutting them.

The blood vessels are pieces of sealed plastic tubing which contains red dye that simulates blood. When the clamp is applied properly the blood recedes allowing us to check the clamp quality.

The module can be used in all laparoscopic simulators made by Laparo. To complete the training with this module scissors and a clip applicator must be used. These instruments are also available in our store separately.

Produced in the EU

Warranty – 2 years

We ship our products within 24h globally.

Delivery time depends on shipping company (DPD, TNT, UPS) and destination country.

Payment methods:


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