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FLS Compatible 1 – Training Module

Training Module – FLS Compatible 1

The Laparo FLS Compatible 1 set is the training module for those seeking to prepare for tests in the North American region and beyond. The module features foam inserts which are meant to imitate organs and vessels which must be ligated with the endo-loop within a suitable time frame. Although there are more advanced training modules, this one is compatible specifically with the FLS standard.

The aim of the exercise during the exam is to put on a loop and tighten it in the place marked by the black line. The loop must be placed firmly around the specified element. A 1 mm deviation from the position of the loop to the black line is allowed.

The pad is reusable, but replacement pads are available in the LAPARO online store >>>

Recommended instruments: endo-loop and grasper / dissector.

NOTE: The red foam element must not be washed with water. Other elements of the training module can be washed with a damp, soft cloth.

Warranty: 2 years

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