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FLS Compatible 2 – Training Module

The FLS compatible Penrose Drain module is designed to satisfy the needs of the North American FLS testing standard. The original Penrose Drain FLS module was designed to help students demonstrate their skills in suturing intracorporeal and extracorporeal knots. In our version of this module the principle remains similar although our module features a more realistic silicone skin insert for improved fidelity.

The aim of the exercise is placing a seam in the place marked with dots. If seams are made outside of the trainer, knots need to be tied first and then tighten the wick with the knot pusher. When sewing inside the trainer, the knot should be made with the use of appropriate laparoscopic tools (needle holder and dissector are recommended). After making the seam, the gap should be closed properly, the knot should not untie. A 1 mm error in placing the seam is allowed relative to the marking.

The insert can be washed with a damp, soft cloth.

The module is sold without instruments or threads.

Warranty: 2 years

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