Are you planning for your medical simulation center, university or the hospital ward to be equipped with laparoscopy trainers? Meet the wide range of solutions by Laparo® and choose the right combination of devices to satisfy the needs of your trainees.


Laparoscopy is an approach to minimally invasive surgery in which the patient's organs are never exposed to the outside environment. The surgeon only makes several incisions into which trocars are inserted. They then act as a guide for the long and thin instruments which are inserted into the body along with an endoscopic camera.
Laparoscopy is frequently heralded as surgery of the future. Every year many routine procedures are being adapted to the Laparoscopic approach. Many are already routine. The humble beginnings of Laparoscopy go all the way back back to 1805, but it has been becoming safe and widespread since the 1980’s when video technology became accessible.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for Hospitals

Procedures performed laparoscopically save time and are economically preferable for the hospital itself – the patient recovery period following laparoscopy is much shorter than in traditional surgery.

  • Increased access to proper training results in a lower risk of injury and improved patient-care.
  • More young and capable surgeons can work effectively in hospitals which invest in skill development.
  • Shortened hospital stays are especially important now, in the time of the global pandemic.
Benefits for Patients

The laparoscopic approach is most importantly an increased level of comfort to the patient – convalescence is much shorter than in open laparotomy. The patient can usually return to normality after just several days of healing. What’s more:

  • Laparoscopy is much less burdensome to the patient’s composition reduces the risk of complication
  • After laparoscopic surgery, only small, barely visible scars remain

  • Normal digestive system peristalsis returns much faster.

Growing Trend

Every year more and more procedures are adapted and implemented for the laparoscopic approach. It applies in such cases as: removal of the gallbladder, appendectomy, excision of colon tumors, adrenal gland tumors, treatment of acute abdominal diseases and treatment of pathological obesity operations on the spleen, kidneys, prostate, hernias in many gynecological diseases.



The Laparo Analytic takes laparoscopy training boxes to a higher level. It is a full-fledged workstation intended for use in medical simulation centers and hospitals and it was designed in close collaboration with surgeons to be used by surgeons. The device includes custom-built and cutting-edge solutions for training laparoscopy surgery in educational institutions around the world and it features software and technology which makes leaps in improving the quality of training.
  • Networking Capabilities
  • Laser Sensors and Computer Vision Trackers
  • Scoring System with Analysis Software
  • Built-in scripts, Tutorials and Learning Materials
  • Custom Training Scenario Functionality
  • Easy Data Export and Video Recording for Research
  • Compatibility with all Modules and Approaches
  • Easy Electric Height Adjustment
  • Durable Build Quality

Advance Training Station

Are you looking for a reliable laparoscopic simulator with a full set of instruments and training modules that will cope with daily training? Meet LAPARO Advance Training Station, which is dedicated for medical simulation centers, universities and hospitals. Minimally invasive surgery trainer consists of an independent training station, equipped with an all-in-one computer with a touch screen. Need to transport your training station from one room to another? No problem, the base of the device has been equipped with wheels to make it easy.
  • An all-in-one computer with large touch screen
  • Stable but mobile at the same time
  • Complete set - to start training, just connect the device to the power supply
  • Does not require installation of any additional software
  • 12 trocar positions

Advance Portable

Are you looking for a high quality Laparoscopic trainer which can function as a full fledged training station anywhere you take it? Meet LAPARO Advance Portable which was designed with durability and portability in mind. The trainer features a large heavy-duty case attached to a solid base. We developed this device in collaboration with practicing surgeons for use at institutions, medical simulation centers and in hospitals. The LAPARO Advance is the perfect solution for situations where laparoscopic procedures must be practiced frequently and the trainer must remain portable and easy to stow away.
  • 12 trocar positions
  • 8 mm and 10 mm access holes
  • Software compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Record, Time and Share Training Sessions
  • Ball-joint 30 degree lockable camera mount for free movement in all directions
  • Full HD 1080p USB Camera
  • Ergonomics Imitating Real-Life Surgery Conditions
  • Learn with the assistance of Laparo Learning Materials
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