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Simulcon 2020
Earlier this year we were approached by a relatively new conference with an opportunity to become sponsors. It was only the second edition for Simulcon, the first edition of which was held in 2019 in Rajahmundry, India. Because the event was organized by the Society for Healthcare Simulation we knew we had to be there - even though the event was completely virtual.

This year’s edition put much focus and emphasis on our specialty – laparoscopic surgery. The speakers at Simulcon were some of the best in the field – including the legendary Prof. Jack Jakimowicz.

The Indian market has very much promise for Laparo Medical Simulators. India has been investing much energy into educating some of the world’s best doctors in the past several decades. We believe that our focus on making cost-competitive and high-quality educational technology and our philosophy of close collaboration with practicing surgeons means that there is much potential for our solutions in India, where many potential laparoscopic surgeons must acquire the practice they need to begin practicing.


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