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» Basic Skills

This course walks the trainee through 14 different exercises which are focused on developing entry-level instrument handling skills. These skills go along with educational segments which explain the core concepts useful for accelerating the development of Laparoscopic skills. After this course, the trainee will be ready to learn suturing.




» Basic Suturing Skills

This course takes place entirely on the Suturing Module. It splits up suturing skills into easier-to-learn sub-skills. By first training to rotate and handle needles and then to tangle and untangle the pieces of rope, the program gradually takes trainees step-by-step before finally introducing more complex techniques for creating intracorporeal knots. At the end of this course, the trainee will have acquired a basic understanding of laparoscopic suturing techniques.



» Intermediate

These exercises take place mostly on the Tissue Holder Module and rely heavily on consumable silicone inserts which simulate the properties of real-life tissue. By doing these exercises the surgical trainee can learn to execute blunt and sharp tissue dissection as well as simulate vessel clipping, ligation, and resection. This course also includes valuable techniques for handling scissors as well as tricks and tips for using clip applicators inside the operating area. At the end of this course, the trainee will have acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge to handle instruments on tissue.



» Advanced Suturing Skills

Also taking place on the Suturing Module, this course elevates the difficulty and complexity of suturing skills. An Advanced Suturing Platform is used to create challenging configurations. In several exercises, this platform limits the amount of space available around the target tissues, and in several others, it is used to suspend silicone inserts for learning how to suture under tension. The course finally concludes with a variety of anastomosis exercises which are intended to be challenging even for skilled practicing surgeons seeking to push their skills to the limits. By the end of this course, the trainee will have demonstrated skill in all aspects of Laparoscopic procedures.





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