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LAPARO Analytic

Group of interest:

– Medical Universities, Medical Simulation Centers, Hospitals

Meet the LAPARO Analytic – the world’s only laparoscopy simulator with advanced training analysis. Learn more about benefits:

Networking Capability
Multiple User Accounts
Training Analysis
Complex Parameter Scoring System
Learning Curve Tracking
Easy Interface

LAPARO Analytic - unique laparoscopic simulator by Laparo Medical Simulators

Medical Simulator LAPARO Analytic - Timeline Analysis

LAPARO Analytic - Workstation Design

Laparoscopic Simulator LAPARO Analytic - Multi User Accounts

LAPARO Advance

Group of interest:

– Medical Universities, Medical Simulation Centers, Hospitals, Residents,
– Students, Residents
The Laparo Advance is the highest class of personal laparoscopy trainers. The device is portable, yields an incredible build durability and design quality.

LAPARO ADVANCE - series of professional laparoscopic simulators by Laparo Medical Simulators

Laparoscopic Simulator LAPARO Advance

Find out more about how our products are developed:

About LAPARO Medical Simulators


Let us show you how LAPARO Medical Simulator can help your students and doctors develop their skills.

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