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Meet LAPARO Apex - First Mixed Reality Laparoscopic Simulator by LAPARO. As a technology company, we push the boundaries of what technology can be used to improve and develop new, more effective training techniques. This is how the ambitious LAPARO Hybrid project was born to create a robust trainer for use in the most advanced medical simulation centers around the world.

Hybrid Simulator

Over the past decade VR has been hailed as ‘cutting edge’ and as ‘must-have’ technology for every medical simulation center. Laparoscopy simulators costing millions promised incredible results in training surgeons with realistic procedures, haptic feedback and realistic 3D models. Many simulation centers and hospitals around the world ordered these devices only to find that their training capabilities are quite limited and impractical when used in the long-term with students. 15 years forward, laparoscopic surgeons agree on the immense drawbacks of such solutions - they are simply inadequate for testing and for preparing larger numbers of young surgeons for the OR. Their capabilities are limited in size and scope and they lack the technical support and active development of exercises and programs.
For the price of a single VR simulator one could equip an entire medical simulation center with diverse laparoscopy trainers and training solutions of all levels. On the other hand, basic low-price laparoscopy trainers can also be limited in capabilities. Students can develop practical skills and they can gain an adequate understanding of the forces and physical properties on these low-fidelity devices, but that can only go so far. Such trainers cannot realistically simulate complete procedures such as appendectomies and cholecystectomies. They don’t feature analytical or scoring capabilities and most importantly - they can’t teach much without the direct supervision of qualified laparoscopic surgeons.
The combination of VR & REAL training
Next-generation Virtual Reality
Comprehensive Training Platform
Powerful Training Analysis
Adjustable Track Vision
Real Training Instruments
Touchscreen Interface
27" Touchscreen Monitor with an easy interface and stand-alone Laparo Application
Navigation keyboard
Additional navigation keyboard as an alternative to a touchscreen monitor
Rotating Arm
Allows for different approaches thanks to monitor on a rotating arm
Real Instruments
Close-to-reality experience while training laparoscopic procedures on clinical instruments
Adjustable Camera
Electronically adjustable camera: 0°, 30°, 45° and from 0° to 70° with a knob
Module Adjustment System
Drawer with a unique system for setting training modules automatically
All in one place
Drawer for storing training modules and needed accessories
Ergonomics First
Electrical adjustable column for better ergonomics
Durable & portable
Large, durable wheels with blockade make it easy to transport from one training room to another
Electrosurgery Pedals
Some procedures like for example Cholecytectomy require special pedals for cutting and coagulation
6 Steps to Perfection
Log in
Enter your user credentials to login to your own personal account.
With the Timeline Analysis watch your past training performance, look for areas in need of improvement.
Select Scenario
Choose the scenario based on the skills you want to learn.
After completing training you will see a comprehensive score breakdown and you will be able to analyze your performance in detail.
Select start, insert the instruments through the trocar sensors and complete scenario requirements.
Watch the tutorial, pay close attention to see how to do it.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The technology applied in the Apex laparoscopic simulator is the result of years of cooperation with various international medical centers, placing greater emphasis on the accuracy and efficiency of training. The following solutions are currently in the process of obtaining international patents: - cutting-edge technology for measuring parameters of motion sensors and camera - unique camera with adjustable angle and focus - system of automatic setting of training modules - selected for particular training - laparoscopy training system
The latest hybrid solution from LAPARO was created by combining the knowledge and experience of professionals and engineers with the use of the state-of-the art technologies. The hybrid simulator is an innovative solution on a global scale. It combines virtual reality with physical skills training. Despite its complexity, the trainer offers extremely simple and intuitive manual skills and procedures training, a wide selection of training modules, scenarios for conducting training in virtual reality and a number of tutorials that guide the user step by step like a personal trainer.
Comprehensive training on one medical simulator? Now it’s possible! Physical training is necessary to develop the workshop of manual skills, while VR helps in learning surgical procedures (e.g. coagulation, clipping etc.), faithfully reflecting the conditions prevailing during the procedure. LAPARO Apex has been equipped with many specialized sensors, faithfully reflecting the measured values, measuring each parameter, thanks to which you can easily check the effectiveness of training and progress in learning - yours or your students.

User-Friendly Interface

User Accounts
Each user can create an account on a given simulator. If the devices are connected to a group network, you can easily use login credentials to access your account on another simulator to continue the training and tracking progress. The results can be easily exported.

Original curriculum

Training Program
In cooperation with international medical centers, LAPARO has developed its proprietary curriculum, thus fulfilling the gap in the current standards of future doctor's education. Due to the growing demand for complex hands-on training including basic and advanced skills, the program has been divided into three main chapters: - basic skills training - advanced skills training - procedure application

Theoretical and practical knowledge base

Training Program
The LAPARO training program is a complete compendium of laparoscopic knowledge. Enriched with extensive descriptions, manuals, like for example how to set up an ergonomic station, recommended tools, exercise descriptions, sewing techniques, to drawings and video tutorials showing step by step how to practice a particular skill and conduct the training properly. The unique software embedded in LAPARO Apex facilitates the work of trainers by guiding, assessing, and showing errors.

Video Tutorials

Training Program
To start the training it’s required to read and watch the tutorial first. It allows you to get acquainted with the correct techniques to complete the training properly with the information about recommended training instruments and modules.

VR & physical training on real instruments

Training Program
Regardless of the advancement of the physical training modules and procedures, training on physical inserts or in virtual reality (VR) takes place on the same clinical instruments as in the OR. The instruments are equipped with advanced sensors with powerful movement analysis in both types of training. Thanks to the live assessment of 13 training parameters it is possible to improve in the next try. Apex Analytic System measures parameters like time, fluidity and economy of movement, instrument activity & visibility, hand coordination.

High fidelity simulator

Training Program
LAPARO Apex is a high-fidelity simulator VR-based technology. Training in this reality additionally allows to monitor operator’s errors and gives the possibility to analyze the full trajectory of the tool movement. A special debriefing view allows one to view errors on the timeline and present results on the learning curve and user-friendly charts.
LAPARO Software

Multiple accounts One device

A single LAPARO Apex has the ability to store, hold, and protect the information of multiple trainees. Each user can log in with his own password-protected account and see all of his previous results as well as their own personal Learning Curve. A supervisor or professor with an administrator account can monitor all users and manage them in groups.

Group training

Connect your LAPARO Apex simulators to the group working network and conduct your workshops more efficiently. The mentor's station will allow you to supervise the work of many students at the same time and correct mistakes immediately. As an Administrator, you can also share your screen with other students so that they can repeat after you. Networking capability allows for: - sharing views between stations (Mentor Mode) - preview of exercises real-time on all stations - access to the user account from any device in the network - protection against data loss.
Cutting-edge technology for measuring parameters of motion sensors and camera
LAPARO simulators and training modules are designed and manufactured in the office placed in the center of Europe
Test durability and quality, and constantly develop new solutions in response to the growing needs of the medical industry and its progress

Technical Data

Main features
Main purpose
Physical Module-based training
Virtual Reality training
Full HD 1080p 0°, 30°, 45; electronically adjustable
360° movement
Focus Ring
Digital Zoom
LED lighting with saturation adjustment
Number of instrument ports
8 anatomical ports for instruments and track vision
Camera/laparoscope can be shifted and placed in any 1 of 8 ports and is held in place with a magic arm
Training instruments
Real clinical instruments: dissector, grasper, scissors, needle holder, clip applier, stapler, multitool: hook+suction + irrigator
Training modules
Dexterity, Tension, Suturing, Cutting Circles + Universal Holder, Dissection 3 in 1,
Procedural Training Modules - 3 to choose
Appendectomy, Prostatectomy, Cholecystectomy, Ovarian Cyst Removal, Myomectomy, Vaginal Cuff Repair, Nephron Sparing Surgery (NSS), Hysterectomy
Virtual Procedures - 3 to choose
Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy, Nissen Fundoplication, Prostatectomy, Nephrectomy, Ovarian Procedures, Hysterectomy, Adnexectomy, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y- Gastric Bypass
Pedals for electrosurgery
YES (for VR use)
27’’ touchscreen
Automatic electric adjustment column
Screen adjustment on a rotating arm
Training analysis
Automatic assessment
Real time analysis
Laparo Training Program
Basic manual skills
Intermediate manual skills
Basic suturing skills
Advance suturing skills
Procedural skills (real)
Procedural skills (VR)
Multi-work (network)
„Teacher-student” training mode
Learning curve tracking
Custom training creator with tutorials
User accounts
User accounts – unlimited number + Administrator accounts
Possibility of data export
Perpetual lifetime licence
110 kg
66 cm
123 cm
170-195 cm
Technical Data
Maximum Power
50-60 Hz

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