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LAPARO Advance Training Station – Laparoscopic Simulator
Advanced trainer for Professionals

A complete and robust set for practical training in minimally invasive surgery. Meet LAPARO Advance Training Station, which is designed in cooperation with professionals for professionals in medical simulation centers, universities and hospitals.

Device dimensions 146-185 x 60 x 67cm 

Package dimensions 80 x 120 x 136 cm 

Shipping: Worldwide

Made in EU

Warranty: 2 years

Training is the key
Non-intuitive tool guidance, a two-dimensional view, and a limited operating field are well-known reasons why minimally invasive surgical methods require additional training and practice. The LAPARO Advance simulator makes it an ideal solution in situations where frequent training of laparoscopic procedures is necessary.
3 in 1
Advance Training Station is an independent training station, equipped with an all-in-one computer with a touch screen. The solid base on wheels makes it portable whenever you need it to. The training desk can be folded into a more compact size and easily transported.
LAPARO Advance Training Station is a complete set - together with the trainer you will get everything you need to start training: four laparoscopic training tools (dissector, grasper, scissors, vice) and 6 training cartridges. LAPARO Advance Training Station is compatible with all training modules offered by LAPARO and can be used as an independent training station with any personal computer.
The training station is completely separate. A foldable standing desk which comes equipped with a separate computer screen. The entire Laparo Advance Training Station can be easily collapsed when not in use, or it can permanently be placed in an accessible position in a desired location. The design of the Laparo Advance makes it a perfect solution for situations where laparoscopic procedures must be practiced frequently and by many different people. The Laparo Advance features 10 trocar positions. It is cross-compatible with all training modules offered by Laparo and it can be used as an independent training station separately with any personal computer.
The set includes:
  • Laparo Advance - trainer with a built-in FULL HD 30 ° camera and LED lighting
  • Independent training station, equipped with an all-in-one computer with a touch screen
  • Real clinical instruments: dissector, grasper, scissors, needle holder, clip applier
  • Training modules: Dexterity, Tension, Suturing, Cutting Circles + Universal Holder, Dissection 3 in 1.
  • Laparo Training Program - all 4 courses!
  • 46 unique exercises!
The Laparo Advance was developed for use at institutions, medical simulation centers and hospitals around the world. The Laparo Advance Training Station features a foldable desk station with height adjustment and a large heavy-duty trainer box attached to a solid base. The whole station is designed to last a long time and intense daily use. The Laparo Advance is equipped with a Full HD USB Camera which is mounted on a 30° ball-joint mount. Any question? Contact us!

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