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1. Am I eligible for a discount?
a. We love to hear from potential customers! Please get in touch with our sales department either by email (office@laparo) or through our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LaparoPL). We always like to give discounts and deals to institutional as well as individual clients. Please describe your needs, volume, use and case and we will consider it.


2. Why can’t I purchase the Laparo Analytic through the online shop?

The Laparo Analytic is our flagship professional-grade workstation. It is intended to be used for advanced training at hospitals, and medical simulation centers. If you are interested in the Laparo Analytic please contact our sales department.


3. What is the warranty on LAPARO simulators?

We care about customer and business partner satisfaction. We pay attention to the whole production process to ensure the highest quality of our products. All LAPARO medical simulators are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


4. What are the available payment methods?
We work with the Stripe – global payment platform, thanks to which our clients have access to dozens of payment gateway, including: bank transfer, PayU, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many others.




1. Do you ship to my country?

We send all of our products globally, shipping fees and customs fees apply.


2. My country is outside of the EU. How are customs and taxes applied?

When ordering from outside of the EU you will see a discounted tax-free price. However, when the shipment arrives in your home country it is likely your local customs department will require that you pay customs and fees before completing the order. Please keep this in mind when ordering and plan accordingly.


3. How much will the shipping cost?

Please add an item to your basket and proceed to checkout, the applicable shipping costs will be shown. Our manufacturing and shipping location is in Poland. Please contact our sales department for more information about shipping to your country.


4. Is cash on delivery possible?

LAPARO simulators and accessories are available all over the world. Purchase can be made via the online store, Amazon, Ebay and Allegro platforms or through our distributors in different countries. At the moment, it is not possible to send cash on delivery, as this would significantly increase the shipping costs for the customer.


5. How long does the shipping take?

We usually ship our trainers, accessories and tools within 24 hours. The delivery time depends on the choice of the destination country. If you care about faster delivery, please contact us and find out more about other transport options.




1. I have a technical question – where can I get tech support?
Please email our technical support support@laparo.p l – we are always happy to help!


2. How do I find my software license code?
Older versions of our software were only accessible through customer license codes attached to our devices. As of 2019 we offer the software for our trainers as a free download. If you are using an older version and need a license code, here is a free copy: 8568369763864724. We urge you to update to the newest version if possible!


3. Where can I find the software?
The Laparo Software can be found free-of-charge on the website here.


4. Is there a warranty on the products?
Yes, we have a 2 year warranty on our entire product range. Please contact our support team and we will get you back to training as soon as possible.


5. My camera doesn’t work?

    1. First, please try to connect the USB to a different USB port.
    2. Second, download the newest Laparo software from our website.
    3. Check in the Camera app (Windows10) or FaceTime (MacOS) to see if theapplication sees the connected camera.
    4. If the above did not work please contact support@laparo.pl


6. The 5 mm rubber holes on the Aspire/Advance are resisting and not loose enough.

  1. Please remove all of the rubber leftovers in the port – sometimes pieces remain which adds to resistance in the port.
  2. If the issue persists nevertheless – lubricate the instrument with silicon oil or vaseline.


7. The camera is out of focus.
Our camera modules do not feature auto-focus and they are manually adjusted with a screw next to the lens on the camera module. If you are experiencing focus issues or the camera is permanently out of focus this might be the issue. Please contact support@laparo.pl if the issue persists.


8. Can Aspire / Advance be connected to a TV?
At the moment, it is not possible to connect LAPARO trainers to a TV, due to the required dedicated software which we do not provide.


9. What are the hardware requirements for Aspire / Advance?

On older computers (with operating systems such as Windows XP/Vista/7) our application might have some delays. Windows 10 will give you the best performance, so we suggest to use computers with this operating system. We provide software for Windows 7 (on USB stick added to the trainer or from our website https://laparo.pl/pl/software/ ). Application for Windows 7 doesn’t have so many features as App for Windows 10 or macOS.


– Intel Pentium Quad-Core J3710 – Integrated graphics
– 500GB HDD
– Windows 10 64bit


– Intel core 2 duo
– Integrated graphics – 4GB ram
– 50GB HDD
– Windows XP



1. Where are Laparo Simulators produced?

Our products are all made in-house in Wrocław, Poland. We rely on a few outside suppliers and try to source as many components internally as possible.


2. What’s the difference between the Aspire trainer and the Advance trainer?

The Aspire trainer was created for people starting their adventure with laparoscopic surgery. It is the most basic but complete LAPARO simulator. It was created with the intention to popularize and increase access to practical training. The trainer is dedicated to anyone who wants to develop and educate in the field of laparoscopy now and in the future. The main assumption was to create affordable and achievable professional good-quality solutions. Additionally, Aspire is compact, lightweight and portable. Just plug it into your computer, install the software, and you’re ready for training.


The Advance trainer is an option for the more demanding professionals. Plugging-in is as simple as with Aspire. It can be used by individuals, as well as students in Medical Universities, Hospitals and medical centers.

– it has more trocars, which gives wider training possibilities
– Full HD 30° camera (Aspire camera – 90°)
– additional ball joint, which allows you to adjust the angle to your needs
– trocars 10 mm (Aspire – 5 mm)
– the set includes all the elements necessary to conduct a professional training (medical simulator, training pads, tools and accessories).


Advance simulator is available in different versions:

  1. Advance – a complete set to easily connect to your computer
  2. Advance Portable – complete set with an All-in-one computer with a touchpad to be mounted on a desk, thanks to a special arm. The software isalready installed.
  3. Advance Station – complete set with an All-in-one computer with a touchscreen and a workstation on wheels. The software is already installed.


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