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Meet the LAPARO Analytic - the world's only laparoscopy simulator with advanced training analysis. Maximize the effectiveness of your learning with the help of specialized training scenarios developed in collaboration with surgeons and specialists.

Camera 0° & 30°

More surgeries in hospitals around the world are performed with the laparoscopic approach than ever before. As the method becomes widely adopted there is one obstacle standing in the way of many operating rooms: how can one prepare more new surgeons for these challenging procedures? Training the manual and decision-making skills with the use of professional laparoscopy simulators is becoming increasingly more popular. Surgery can be thought of as a type of craftsmanship, for it to be mastered, systematic training through repetition and reflection must be performed. Experience the high level of quality and rapid improvement with the LAPARO Analytic. It is a complex training station equipped with sophisticated sensors which precisely track and analyze the position of instruments during training. With tangible results from a comprehensive scoring system and the ability to track progress on a personalized learning curve based on interactive training scenarios. You will be able to hone your skills with little need for outside assistance.
Having a good vision with a certain amount of light during minimally invasive surgery is a matter of success and directly affects patient safety. There are different methodologies and preferences of what endoscopic camera angle to use and when. This is why vision tracks are available with optics angles 0° and 30°. Why not implement it to simulators to make the training closer to reality? New Analytic’s camera can be adjusted to individual preferences. Thanks to the new mechanism it is possible to choose a preferred angle before the training. This is a standard feature of vision tracks but rarely found in laparoscopic simulators, not mention of training boxes. Changing the angle of the camera allows for more diversified training. Especially, using 30°angle requires re-adaptation. We are facing here different, deeper, and more difficult perspective. Additionally, using 30° camera we get the widest possible angle during surgery. In the simulators available on the market cameras are embedded or they are using photo cameras. Very often they are permanently mounted. There is no possibility to adjust it to specific needs. Read more
Networking Capability
Multiple User Accounts
Training Analysis
Complex Parameter Scoring System
Learning Curve Tracking
Easy Interface
Touchscreen Interface
All-in-one 23" Touchscreen Computer with an easy interface and stand-alone Laparo Application.
Full HD adjustable camera 0°, 30° mounted on a rotatable ball-joint mount.
The included instruments provide a realistic high-fidelity training experience.
Operating Area
A hinge mounted lid on the top and a removable front cover allow easy access for adjustment.
Adjustable Height
An electric column allows easy and effortless height adjustment.
6 Steps to Perfection
Log In
Enter your user credentials to login to your own personal account
Watch the tutorial, pay close attention to see how to do it.
Select Scenario
Select a new training session by browsing available scenarios and placing right module in the operating area.
With the Timeline Analysis watch your past training performance, look for areas in need of improvement.
After completing training you will see a comprehensive score breakdown and you will be able to analyze your performance in detail.
Select start, insert the instruments through the trocar sensors and complete scenario requirements


Meet the incredible capabilities of the LAPARO Analytic - ultra precise analysis based on original state-of-the-art electronic sensors. Increase the effectiveness of your training - monitor your skill development in real-time and make corrections to hone your technique. After completing training, analyze the results to draw your own conclusions on how to do better. See parameters for each hand separately, adjust future training to fit the training path of you and your students. Track progress and maximize efficiency!
LAPARO Analytic software gives the surgeon the ability to precisely analyze even the most subtle instrument movements. After completing a session you will be able to scroll through an interactive timeline which displays detailed graphs and zones of interest along with the recorded video. This greatly improves the process of finding and defining the mistakes and problems, and it shows what mistakes are made and must be corrected.
At the end of each training session the user can see the precise scores for each aspect of training, thanks to which he will know exactly where he is in his skill development. What’s important, all users have their own personal accounts with only their own scores, results and recorded videos.

User-Friendly Interface

User Accounts
Each user can create an account on a given simulator. If the devices are connected to a group network, you can easily use login credentials to access your account on another simulator to continue the training and tracking progress. The results can be easily exported.

Original curriculum

Training Program
In cooperation with international medical centers, LAPARO has developed its proprietary curriculum, thus fulfilling the gap in the current standards of future doctor's education. Due to the growing demand for complex hands-on training including basic and advanced skills, the program has been divided into three main chapters: - basic skills training - advanced skills training - procedure application

Theoretical and practical knowledge base

Training Program
The LAPARO training program is a complete compendium of laparoscopic knowledge. Enriched with extensive descriptions, manuals, like for example how to set up an ergonomic station, recommended tools, exercise descriptions, suturing techniques, to drawings and video tutorials showing step by step how to practice a particular skill and conduct the training properly. The unique software embedded in LAPARO Analytic facilitates the work of trainers by guiding, assessing, and showing errors.

Video Tutorials

Training Program
To start the training it’s required to read and watch the tutorial first. It allows you to get acquainted with the correct techniques to complete the training properly with the information about recommended training instruments and modules.

Physical training on real instruments

Training Program
Regardless of the advancement of the physical training modules and procedures, training on physical inserts takes place on the same clinical instruments as in the OR. The instruments are equipped with advanced sensors with powerful movement analysis. Thanks to the live assessment of 13 training parameters it is possible to improve in the next try. Analytic System measures parameters like time, fluidity and economy of movement, instrument activity & visibility, hand coordination.

Multiple accounts One device

A single LAPARO Analytic has the ability to store, hold, and protect the information of multiple trainees. Each user can log in with his own password-protected account and see all of his previous results as well as their own personal Learning Curve. A supervisor or professor with an administrator account can monitor all users and manage them in groups.


Configure your LAPARO Analytic trainers into a network and conduct high-quality group training sessions. The mentor station will let you monitor multiple trainees simultaneously and to correct their mistakes immediately. You can also stream your own view from your own operating area to your trainees so that they can focus and follow the exercise on their own screens.
Stream your own screen during training ensuring that each trainee is able to watch your work closely.
You may observe multiple students simultaneously from the comfort of your own station and react accordingly.
With networking functionality each account is accessible on each training station - you may log-in on any training station available and work from your personal account.


Main features
Main purpose
Physical Module-based training
All-In-One 23,8" Full HD multi-touch screen
Full HD adjustable camera 0°, 30° mounted on ball joint (with full mobility) and blockade
Insertion points
8 insertion points for Trocars
Electronic Trocars
2 x 5 mm
5 dedicated laparoscopic instruments including Needle Holder, Scissors, Grasper, Dissector and Clip Applier
Training Modules
Dexterity, Tension, Suturing, Cutting Circles + Universal Holder, Dissection 3 in 1.
Electric height regulation
Special tailor-made cover
Training analysis
Automatic assessment
Real time analysis
Laparo Training Program
Basic manual skills
Intermediate manual skills
Basic suturing skills
Advance suturing skills
Procedural skills (real)
Multi-work (network)
„Teacher-student” training mode
Learning curve tracking
Custom training creator with tutorials
User accounts
User accounts – unlimited number + Administrator accounts
Possibility of data export
Perpetual lifetime licence
Product information
57,5 kg
66 cm
77 cm
Height (folded)
102 cm
Height (unfolded)
154 - 192 cm
Standard Shipment (Euro Pallet)
External Dimensions
120 x 80 x 136 cm
Package Weight
84 kg
Transport Case (reusable, with wheels, included)
70 x 95 x 137 cm
Package Weight
72,5 kg
Line Frequency
50-60 Hz
Technical Details
Maximum Power
Line Frequency
50-60 Hz

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