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Unique camera with angles 0° and 30°
New camera in the LAPARO Analytic laparoscopic simulator for close to real training experiences.
The question is not what you look at, but what you see.
Having a good vision with a certain amount of light during minimally invasive surgery is a matter of success and directly affects patient safety. Quod homines, tot sententae meaning as many men. There are different methodologies and preferences of what endoscopic camera angle to use and when. This is why vision tracks are available with optics angles 0° and 30°. Why not implement it to simulators to make the training closer to reality?

Unique camera for better training experience  – the laparoscopic simulator Analytic

What is new in Analytic’s camera? Optics with 0° and 30° angles


New Analytic’s camera can be adjusted to individual preferences. Thanks to the new mechanism it is possible to choose a preferred angle before the training. This is a standard feature of vision tracks but rarely found in laparoscopic simulators, not mention of training boxes. Changing the angle of the camera allows for more diversified training. Especially, using 30°angle requires re-adaptation. We are facing here different, deeper and more difficult perspective. Additionally, using 30° camera we get the widest possible angle during surgery. In the simulators available on the market cameras are embedded or they are using photo cameras. Very often they are permanently mounted. There is no possibility to adjust it to specific needs.


Analytic’s camera allows for adjusting in different dimensions:


– angle 0° or 30°

– the insertion depth adjustment

– 360° rotation

By changing camera insertion depth we are facing different coordination and navigation issues. It helps to improve depth perception. The camera can be also rotated at any angle and blocked if training alone. To give an example of how assisting during the surgery is important the camera can be released. A camera with blockade is making the training easier and can be conducted by one person.


Facilitation or difficulty?


During real surgery, 0° and 30° camera angles are operational standards and allow for adjustment to specific needs. This solution provides better ergonomy and visualization of anatomical structures during the initial phase before the procedure.

During laparoscopic training different angles can be helpful but also provide some difficulties making the training more interesting and harder. Training can be also diversified by using modules in different positions where the approach can be more limited.

Inspired by the optical fiber of the endoscope camera, we created LED lighting, placed around the camera to get close to the real experience.


Technical Data


  • Full HD 1080p
  • 360° Rotation
  • Camera Blockade
  • Automatic zoom
  • LED Lighting

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