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How does laparoscopy shape the future ...
Are you intrigued by the impact of laparoscopy on modern medicine? Delve deeper into the dynamic evolution of this field and explo...
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How Laparo Training Center is changing...
Embark on an inspiring journey with the Laparo Training Center (LTC), where we go beyond just assisting students. Alongside empowe...
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Research alert
Our Laparo #Aspire trainer and modules were used to comparatively study the learning curves of laparoscopic lateral suspension and...
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First laparoscopic liver donation from...
We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the field of minimally invasive surgery!
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Laparo in Wrocław University of Envir...
A laparoscopic training center was established at the Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu some time ago!
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Essential training tips for successful...
We present you with five essential training tips for successful laparoscopic exercises!
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Pediatrics Pyloromyotomy – Phys...
Recently, we showed you what the pyloromyotomy procedure looks like in virtual reality. Today, we bring to you the physical modul...
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Laparo in Greece!
We are thrilled to be part of 33rd PANHELLENIC SURGERY CONGRESS - the biggest surgical event in Greece!
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Pyloromyotomy in VR!
It's time to introduce you to another procedure in virtual reality! Pyloromyotomy is a surgical procedure involving the incision o...
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Gaming Surgeons Mastering Both Worlds!
Fascinating news! 🎮 Did you know that playing video games can boost surgical skills?
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Laparo in Roma!
Last week, we visited Roma during a wonderful event organized by our partner Accurate Srl!
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Laparo in Georgia!
We had the pleasure of visiting our distributor, Tbilisi Medic, on September 9th for an Event in Georgia
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Esophageal Atresia – Physical Mo...
Recently, we showed you what esophageal atresia looks like in virtual reality. Today it's time for the physics module of the proce...
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Esophageal Atresia in Virtual Reality
Some time ago, we showed you how the Pediatric Pyeloplasty procedure looks in virtual reality. Now, it's time for esophageal atres...
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Pyeloplasty Physical Module
Some time ago, we showed you a virtual reality pyeloplasty procedure. Today, it's time for the physical module!
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Laparo Pyeloplasty Virtual Procedure
It's time to introduce you to the virtual procedures available in our #ApexPro!
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We are continuing the series about our...
How long does research take?
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Real instruments and laparoscope in Ap...
Did you know that #ApexPro has real instruments and laparoscope?
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Concept of a new training module
For the upcoming period, we would like to take you on a journey to explore how new training modules come to life! We are starting ...
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The World’s First Pediatric Hybr...
Some time ago, the premiere of our #ApexPro took place. Are you curious about what sets this simulator apart? In addition to its...
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Welcome to SESAM!
Welcome to the second day of Sesam!
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We have new Partners!
We are pleased to introduce you to our new partners! JW Medical Solutions from Belgium already joined our numerous groups.
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Apex PRO on TV!
We're excited to share that Laparo Apex PRO made a guest appearance in a popular Polish TV series!
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Conference of the Young Surgeons in Ba...
What a weekend it was! 🤩So much positive energy at a Conference Of The Young Surgeons in Balatonalmadi!👩‍⚕️
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We have the best Support team!
We have the best Support team! We realize that technical problems can arise unexpectedly in any situation. Did you know, in ca...
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Laparo in numbers!
Laparo in numbers! Time for another data!🔢 28 - That is the number of training modules we currently have on our offer, ...
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Network training opportunities
Did you know that you can connect simulators to one network?
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Laparo Apex as a hybrid simulator
Did you know Apex is a hybrid? What does it mean? Two types of exercise. In virtual reality, you will learn the step-by-step p...
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Laparo in numbers
Laparo in numbers! How do the numbers classify our company?
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Myths in laparoscopy
Laparoscopic procedures only for humans? Nothing could be further from the truth! Thanks to the incredible advances in medicine, ...
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Myths about laparoscopy
It might seem that obesity is a contraindication to laparoscopic surgery💉👩🏻‍⚕️ However, it turns out that this met...
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Cooperation with our partners
Product knowledge, updates, and ongoing communication with our partners are the basis of successful cooperation🤝
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GHP Technology Award goes to LAPARO Me...
We are delighted to announce LAPARO Medical Simulators are among this years’ Technology champions and have been awarded: Best Ed...
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LAPARO awarded in the Best Medical Dev...
This year's awards saw entries from around the world who have set the standard for innovation and creativity in the MedTech field.
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Unique camera with angles 0° and 30°
New camera in the LAPARO Analytic laparoscopic simulator for close to real training experiences.
The question is not wh...
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LAPARO nominated to Innov8
LAPARO nominated to Innov8 Talks at Arab Health 2021! The exciting healthcare start-up competition was back again at Arab Health 2...
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Let’s meet at Arab Health in Dub...
📢 We are pleased to announce that from June 21, you can meet us at Arab Health in Dubai. We are very excited as this is the fir...
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Suturing in MIS as an acquired skill
Essential and requiring regular, if not daily, practice. Laparoscopic surgery is increasingly becoming the popular option due to ...
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The Goldilocks of Simulation Trainers
As a feature piece, this week's discussion explores the features and benefits of the LAPARO produced Analytic model, boasting its ...
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The Hidden Cost of Poor Posture
A Survey of 450 Surgeons across Germany, the UK, and the USA concluded that up to 1 in 5 laparoscopic surgeons are facing early re...
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Together with the Medical Simulation Center in Szczecin (PL), we would like to invite you to a free course for doctors specializin...
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Metrics in laparoscopic simulation
As simulation training steadily increases its foothold in surgical training curricula worldwide, the finetuning of its delivery, i...
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Are you a Master of Laparoscopy?
Find out why mastering laparoscopic suturing skills for surgeons is so important.
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Train ‘em Young: The Broader Benefit...
Undergraduate medical training typically does not cover laparoscopic skills, despite the burgeoning demand and popularity that has...
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Feature Piece: Aspire Box-Trainer
There is a diverse range of laparoscopic simulation trainers on the market, each with its own set of features, advantages, and set...
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We are pleased to announce our new cooperation with SIMULEAD.
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SESAM Virtual Annual Meeting 2021 spon...
We are pleased to announce that LAPARO Medical Simulators is an official sponsor of SESAM Virtual Annual Meeting 2021.
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LAPARO awarded in the “Deloitte ...
In this year’s ranking of fastest-growing tech companies in Central Europe, 30% of these businesses come from Poland.
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