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LAPARO awarded in the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2020” ranking
In this year’s ranking of fastest-growing tech companies in Central Europe, 30% of these businesses come from Poland.

About Deloitte Fast 50


The “Fast 50” category shows off 50 fastest growing businesses from Central Europe. In the main category of “Fast 50” 15 come from Poland. Furthermore, 9 such companies can be found in the “Rising Stars” category. These are young companies that develop innovative ideas and found a way to grow them fast.

Most of the companies in the main category come from Czechia (21). Polish and Czechian companies are over 70% of companies ranked. The third place is occupied by Croatia from which 5 companies come.


Participant Profiles


The 21st edition was dominated by software development companies. There are almost 30 such companies in this ranking. Eleven companies represent the media and entertainment segment, four produce computer equipment. Three are fintech and two can be categorized as medical and biotech.

Selection of Winners


The victor of this year’s edition is Packhelp from Poland – a company responsible for a platform that allows the design and ordering of personalized packaging online. The company achieved an overall income increase over the last four years of 9077%. Four companies can be found in the top 10, EGZO Tech (5th place), Solution4Labs(7th place), Zdrowegeny.pl (8th place), and Tylko (9th place). 

The jury also decided to award additional awards in the category of “Impact Stars”. The category was introduced to show off companies that connect the development of innovative products or technological services with a positive impact on at least one of the following: society, business, innovation, environment, and biodiversity. Every country could award three companies in this sector. In Poland, it was awarded to Divante and Netguru (for their joint initiative of Tech to the Rescue), EGZOTech, and LAPARO Medical Simulators.

‘This year was incredibly demanding and important to us’, the CTO and co-founder of LAPARO Radoslaw Nowosielski concluded. ‘In 2020 once again we see evidence of the incredible benefits of laparoscopy. Faster convalescence and shorter hospital stays, especially in the face of COVID-19 became even more important and sought after. Our solutions allow the acquisition of the practical skills necessary for the safe execution of laparoscopy procedures. With our unique software and solutions based on electronic sensors tracking 16 different parameters, Laparo Simulators enable a detailed training analysis. It’s an incredible honor for us to be featured in this selection of companies awarded by Deloitte.


The “Impact Start” award, from the 3 companies from Poland and “Rising Stars” is to us a big surprise and a great honor’ Mateusz Rulewicz, CEO and co-founder of LAPARO Medical Simulators. ‘I am very happy that every day, around the world, with the help of incredible doctors who practice on LAPARO simulators we can have an influence on the improvement and quality of medical education and that we can give them better specialized and practical training. These doctors are the true “Rising Stars” to us.



Founded in 2015, LAPARO is focused on bringing digitalization to medical simulation. As a technology company, LAPARO creates innovative solutions to improve medical professionals’ access to laparoscopic training – that is training for minimally-invasive surgery. Having started the business by developing simple trainers for surgery students who want to learn at home, Laparo moved on to develop an entire line of sophisticated Laparoscopic training solutions. These include advanced professional training stations for use at hospitals, universities, and medical simulation centers. These devices feature complex computer vision software and compact sensors with electronics that analyze a surgeon’s performance and provide valuable feedback. LAPARO medical simulators enable surgeons to feel as though they are standing at the operating table, seeing every move in real-time. This helps surgeons improve their technique, avoid common errors, and gain confidence during operations, enabling them to concentrate single-mindedly on helping their patients. Currently, the company is in the new stage of developing a new solution for laparoscopy training that features advanced virtual reality functionality with cutting-edge technology. Each product introduced by LAPARO makes a leap forward in complexity and sophistication.


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