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GHP Technology Award goes to LAPARO Medical Simulators
We are delighted to announce LAPARO Medical Simulators are among this years’ Technology champions and have been awarded: Best Educational Laparoscopy Science Solutions Provider 2021!

We are delighted to announce LAPARO Medical Simulators are among this years’ Technology champions and have been awarded: Best Educational Laparoscopy Science Solutions Provider 2021!

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GHP Technology Awards 


The awards celebrate businesses and professionals who have made exceptional contributions and innovations in the medical technology industry. The awards recognize all levels and all aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, choosing to focus not just on the obvious candidates – the practitioners and scientists at the cutting edge of these rapidly evolving industries – but also on the supporting cast – from nurses, architects, and product designers, to legal specialists and top-level corporate decision-makers – without whom many of the life-changing innovations and developments we see on an almost daily basis would simply not be possible.

And the winner is… LAPARO Medical Simulators

LAPARO Medical Simulators has been awarded for APEX – mixed reality laparoscopic simulator in the category: Best Educational Laparoscopy Science Solutions Provider 2021.

In today’s world of fast-moving change, being able to innovate is not enough any longer. APEX simulator is an example of disruptive technology. It allows for manual skills training on physical training modules but also gives a possibility to conduct different laparoscopic. Thanks to this cutting-edge solution simulation centers can benefit from one device for medical students and more demanding and experienced doctors. An incredible and close-to-real VR experience surpasses trainee expectations giving them unlimited access to safe for the patient laparoscopic training.


About LAPARO Medical Simulators


Founded in 2015, LAPARO is focused on bringing digitalization to medical simulation. As a technology company, LAPARO creates innovative solutions to improve medical professionals’ access to laparoscopic training – that is training for minimally-invasive surgery. Having started the business by developing simple trainers for surgery students who want to learn at home, Laparo moved on to develop an entire line of sophisticated Laparoscopic training solutions. These include advanced professional training stations for use at hospitals, universities, and medical simulation centers. These devices feature complex computer vision software and compact sensors with electronics that analyze a surgeon’s performance and provide valuable feedback. LAPARO medical simulators enable surgeons to feel as though they are standing at the operating table, seeing every move in real-time. This helps surgeons improve their technique, avoid common errors, and gain confidence during operations, enabling them to concentrate single-mindedly on helping their patients. Currently, the company has launched a new solution for laparoscopy training that features advanced virtual reality functionality with cutting-edge technology. Each product introduced by LAPARO makes a leap forward in complexity and sophistication.


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