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We are a team of medical engineers and we are passionate about delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to the surgical simulation market. To enhance the level of medical practice we help to develop the necessary skills for students and surgeons in their path to excellence. We are a diverse and specialized team that works at the intersection of technology, medicine, and education.
The three pillars of our company are the People, our Focus on Quality, and Technology. We do meticulous in-depth Deep Market Research and develop Customer-Centric products. We foster a highly collaborative relationship between our R&D team and our Academic and Trade Partners. In our portfolio, you will find a variety of medical simulators and accessories which will allow you to excel in surgical skills.

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An entry-level training solution for adepts to learn practical suturing skills at the very beginning of their path. The trainer can also be used by more advanced learners seeking to develop their suturing skills.



LAPARO Analytic
Durable and mobile solution for surgeons in training at medical university or hospital. Best for sustained daily use and multiple users.

What they say about us

Khaled Al-Zamel
General surgeon at Amiri Hospital, Kuwait

‘A few months ago I purchased Advance ver. Modules and you kindly helped me through that process (I got a discount code and shipment follow-up which was fast too). The device is amazing! I even advised all my friends about it. And just now I purchased the Advance ver. Complete one.’

Francesco Russo
Department of Oncological Surgery University of Padua at IOV - Veneto Oncological Institute, Italy

‘I am very pleased with the quality of the product, which I recommend to everyone. I bought the Aspire Set in the full version. In the future, in relation to my progress, I will pass on a new simulator. Congratulation once again on the quality of your products. Thank you’

Christoph Eckharter
Medizinische Universität Innsbruck, Austria

‘I just bought LAPARO Aspire simulator. Primarily I used the suturing module and I did around 10 training blocks of about 20-30 minutes. I did not have a lot of experience in laparoscopic surgery before, but the training with the simulator improved my skills a lot, and I feel so much better prepared for my next surgery than ever before. The handling of the simulator is perfect, and it is very easy to get it run on the computer.’

Birgit Urlbauer
Hospital in Nymphenburg, Munich, Germany

‘I just want to say thank you. The package arrived on time this week, everything looks very good and works fine. Everything works great on my new PC. So, thank you again. And if I still need something else (to play with) I will get in touch.’

Jerzy Mielko
Professor of Oncological Surgery Hospital, Medical University of Lublin, Poland

‘LAPARO medical simulators fully meet our requirements. They are used during workshops with students and to improve surgeons’ skills. The LAPARO suture and anastomosis training modules imitate tissues very well, and students love to practice on them. The included video tutorials allow excelling in laparoscopic skills and avoid making mistakes.’

Miroslaw Kastelli
Hospital of Penalty Facility No. 1, Wrocław, Poland

‘Fully professional medical trainers, a diverse range of models depending on the needs and skills, but above all, and finally better access to laparoscopic skills training. Even in the evening, instead of watching the news, you can spend time more efficiently growing your skills at home. I would like every hospital to have such equipment in its stock.’


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They trusted us



We are proud to have received the recognition of some esteemed business development organizations both domestically here in Poland and more recently abroad internationally.
EY polish fastest growing company
Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons Innovation of the Year Minimally Invasive Surgery Week 2019 The Future of MIS - recognition of the Hybrid project.
Orzeł Innowacji Award
Start-Up Start-Up with Global International Growth Potential and Start-Up of the Year 2019. An award founded by one of the leading news organizations in Poland, the Rzeczpospolita Newspaper.
Ernst&Young Entepreneur of the Year 2019
Awards in Categories: New Business and International Expansion - We were honored to be chosen by EY as an example of a business focused on the international market.

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