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Pyloromyotomy Training Module


The Pyloromyotomy training module enables the practice of the surgical procedure involving the cutting of the pyloric muscle to widen its lumen. Designed for training in treating pyloric stenosis, the module provides a realistic replica of the gastric pylorus, including a two-layered muscularis and mucosa. It also simulates muscular hypertrophy, a common developmental anomaly. The Pyloric knife is included as part of the module set.

What is practiced:

  • Pyloromyotomy Procedure

Recommended instruments:

  • Dissector 3 mm
  • Grasper 3 mm
  • Pyloric Knife (included)


Dimensions: 10x10x7 cm

Weight: 0,4 kg

Warranty: 24 months

Made in EU

The training module is compatible with Advance trainers. If you want to purchase this module for the Apex Pro simulator, please contact us before purchasing.


Delivery time depends on shipping company (DPD, TNT, UPS) and destination country.

In the case of orders exceeding ten pieces, the processing time may be extended. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment methods:

The lowest price (6 February 2024): 370
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