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Dissection 3 in 1 – Training Module
Laparoscopic Training Module
Dissection Training Module 3 in 1

Dissection Training Module allows for 3 different types of training:  

– vessel&tissue dissection
– clipping
– FLS 1 Compatible

1. The dissection module
a) Vessel dissection module is a disposable, replaceable pad that imitates blood vessels in the surrounding tissues. The task is to separate the vessels from the adjacent tissue, thanks to which the practitioner can learn to carefully prepare delicate structures.
b) Tissue Dissection Module is a removable, disposable pad that
imitates human tissue. The task is to identify and separate different types of tissue, for example, nodules or adhesions.

2.The Clip Application Module
Applying clips is one of the most important laparoscopy skills, which is why it is worth training systematically. The module features custom-designed and produced artificial blood vessels which are suspended between supports. This allows simulating the clipping of these vessels and then cutting them. The blood vessels are pieces of sealed plastic tubing that contain red dye that simulates blood. When the clamp is applied properly the blood recedes allowing us to check the clamp quality.

3. FLS Compatible Module 1, allows you to prepare for one of the tasks on the FLS exam. It allows you to learn how to precisely locate and tighten the loops

Type of exercise:
– precise handling of instruments
– using tools on materials imitating real tissues
– sense of delicate structures

Recommended instruments:
– dissector
– grasper
– scissors
– clip applicator

Dimensions: 5 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight: 0,1 kg


Warranty: 24 months

Made in EU


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