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Product in stock. Shipment within 24 hours after payment. LAPARO ADVANCE is a professional laparoscopic trainer designed especially for INSTITUTIONAL CLIENTS (hospitals and hospital wards). It allows practicing manual skills associated with minimally invasive surgeries. It was designed for the training of physicians, residents, and students. LAPARO ADVANCE is a laparoscopy trainer with unique characteristics and software in its price range. To start training, log in to Laparo Academy, connect the trainer, and start using it. LAPARO ADVANCE contains all elements necessary for laparoscopic training including laparoscopic trainer, pediatric instruments, training modules, and accessories.
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Laparo Academy - a unique online platform for laparoscopic training

After purchasing the trainer, you will receive access to the Laparo Academy online platform. Connect the trainer to a computer with internet access and start training with the innovative, unique learning program.
Many hours of tutorials and hands-on learning, along with a rich educational section, are at your fingertips!

Find out more about the Laparo Training Program here.

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Development of laparoscopic skills
Counter-intuitive fulcrum instrument control, a limited 2-dimensional view and reduced dexterity are all well known reasons why non-invasive procedures require additional training and practice.
Durable Build and Beatiful Design
The Laparo Advance is intended to be used by students and surgeons alike. Designed with durability in mind, the device features a large heavy-duty case attached to a solid base which means the trainer will last a long time and intense use.
The trainer is equipped with a Full-HD USB Camera which is mounted on a 30° ball-joint mount. 10 precisely positioned access positions for instrument insertion provide flexibility and variety. The device is cross-compatible with all training modules offered by Laparo and it can be used with any computer.
A sleek and professional training box, the Laparo Advance is solid, light and portable. Take it with you wherever you want and train anytime you like. Set up new challenges for yourself and put in the work towards becoming a better surgeon.
  • 10 precisely positioned instrument access points
  • 2 larger 10mm access points
  • Lockable 30° Ball-joint camera mount allowing easy adjustment in all directions and unassisted training
  • Full-HD 1080p USB Camera - universal and cross-compatible
  • Ergonomics imitating real-life surgery conditions
  • Operating area obscured from sight
  • The unique online platform LAPARO ACADEMY - allowing you to record and save your training sessions
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Replaceable training modules secured with magnets
  • Training laparoscopic instruments included
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