Prostatectomy Training Module
Laparoscopic Training Module
Prostatectomy Training Module

The Prostatectomy Training Module allows the simulation of the procedure in which the prostate gland much be removed and the urethra must be reconnected to the bladder. The module is made up of a magnetically attached base, walls that allow the change in angle, and replaceable components – the urethra and the bladder.

These anatomic silicone modules were made to imitate real tissues. Furthermore, the walls of the module can be readjusted and facilitate training in 3 different positions allowing for a training experience at different difficulty levels.

Type of exercise:
– prostatectomy training
– suturing lessons

Recommended instruments:
– 2 needle holders

The training module is compatible with Advance, Analytic and Apex trainers.

Dimensions: 1 x 15,5 x 22 cm

Weight: 0,3 kg

Warranty: 24 months

Made in EU

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