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LAPARO Adept – Surgical Suturing Skills Set
The LAPARO Adept is a professional suturing technique trainer designed for medical students.

Laparo Adept is a professional surgical suture training kit designed specifically for INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS (medical students, residents, and surgeons) who want to learn surgical sutures, improve and get perfection in other suturing techniques. Laparo Adept is a basic surgical skills trainer with unique characteristics and ergonomics in its price range. To start training, just unpack it from the packaging. The kit includes all the necessary elements, including artificial skin and tissues, threads, and surgical training tools.

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31 x 35 x 16 cm

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The lowest price (21 February 2023): 1 000
The Laparo Adept is a surgical suturing kit designed for medical students. Familiarity and mastery over the widest variety of suturing techniques allows surgeons to make the best choices when performing a procedure or operation. It is frequently the quality of the suturing technique that has the biggest impact on the success of the surgery and the following patient convalescence period.
This set includes 7 training modules that are differentiated by difficulty and features. It is intended for beginners, as well as experienced surgeons seeking practice. We designed a wide array of training pads and fabricated artificial tissues with different levels of structural firmness so that the training exercises reflect real-life surgery conditions as closely as possible.
The Laparotomy basic surgical skills set includes a full set of instruments, accessories, and pads necessary to perform the most effective training. All of these components are continuously tested and developed by our R&D department with an emphasis on the highest quality, design, and durability.
Suturing Pads & Modules
Training Modules:
Module 1 - basic knots and knots under tension. This module allows the development of basic knot and suturing skills. The exercise is based on tying a piece of string on elastic tubes attached to the base. Following the acquisition of introductory basic skills, the string is then replaced with a surgical thread. We recommend dying half of the string so that mistakes are more visible. The model allows learning any kind of knot which is the basis of all suturing techniques. Additionally, the model allows the learning of specialized knots in simulated tissue tension conditions.
Module 2 - Anastomosis. The reusable accessories in this module imitate floppy tissues of varying structure, firmness, and thickness. They can be cut and sutured in any configuration deemed necessary - side to side, end to end, end to side which increases the difficulty level significantly. The profiled design allows training on almost any surface or object. With proper handle and care, it is easy to reuse and keep clean.
Knots and sutures in limited field of vision. A training pad is placed with the use of a hook on a magnet in the training area. The module includes two transparent covers that narrow the field of manipulation during the simulated surgery. The lower cover allows the application of sutures without the use of instruments, while the longer cover requires the use of forceps and a needle holder. During the training session, we can freely cut and modify the training pad to the desired specifications.
Suturing module - multi-layer artificial skin pad. Any kind of suturing pattern can be practiced with the use of our artificial skin (simple continuous, running suture). A multi-layered structure imitates the real-life anatomical layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The pad is also attached to the base to imitate the natural tension of tissues and skin. Cuts can be made in any shape and depth enabling a broad range of training exercises. It is perfect for developing suturing skills in any direction (vertical/horizontal) or configuration (individual/length). Our artificial skin is incredibly durable on the surface and reusable so a large number of training exercises can be executed.
Suturing module - soft artificial tissue. The module is made of a durable and soft artificial material that imitates human tissue. It allows the development of skills such as suturing and cutting. With this module, training sessions can be freely configured and altered with a variety of objects. The artificial material used in this module is reusable and easy to keep clean.
Key features:
  • multi-layered artificial skin
  • reusable suturing pads
  • design allowing unassisted individual training
  • wide choice of pads for diverse training exercises and scenarios
  • easy and fast assembly and simulation module replacement
  • compact and transportable build.
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